I currently live in rural lancashire in the north west UK. However this hasnt always been the case. Its fair to say I have led a rather varied life.

I was born in 1964 in Pennsilvania USA and then adopted in Calgary, Canada by British parents and evetually brought to the UK as a triple Citizen at the age of 7.

I grew up in Southport, England. I spent a huge part of my teenage years drawing and painting. I could often be found in the beautiful Botanic Gardens – studying and sketching the flora and fauna. This began my eventual career as a self taught artist. I sold my first painting at the age of 11 – to my school art teacher!

I returned to the states at 20yrs old to join the USMC Marine Corps in Paris Island, South Carolina!

After my time in the marines, I returned to the UK to turn proffesional as a boxer under the British Board of Boxing Contol. This was a career which spanned a 25 year period of also fighting as a US Citizen under the Florida State Commission.

I have travelled the world, both boxing and painting. I have some of my work on display in prestigious buildings throughout the UK. I have painted wall murals for the rich and famous in the beach houses of Florida.

Nowadays, I can usually be found at home in my studio, working on various comissions or projects of my own. I still train hard, but my art is my real passion now.

If you are looking for an artist to assist with portraiture or wall murals or indeed, any other artistic project – please don’t hesitate to conact me for a chat.